Which Plan is Right for You?

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. Whether you’re an experienced businessman with five companies under your belt, or are trying to get your first business going, there is something for you in our courses

Below you will see the different learning options and the structure of each. Take some time before hand to decide which fits your needs the best.

In-Person Classes

Whether you are new to the business owner world, or a seasoned veteran, this is our recommended option:

  • 2 Classes a month (one learning, one application)
  • in person at one of the local businesses (if you are interested in hosting there are discount options)
  • Networking opportunities among class mates

$125 per week for 8 months

Online Classes

For the business owner who either cannot afford or cannot commit the time to our in person classes

  • 8 online lessons at your own pace
  • 8 "Homework" assignments for application
  • Email based correspondence for any questions you have regarding material
  • 2 1 hour zoom meetings for alignment and questions included

$75 per week for 8 months

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Private Tutoring/ 1-2-1 Business Coaching

Not for the feint of heart. This program is only designed for business owners who want to grow at an astounding rate.

  • Private one on one meetings with a business coach twice a month
  • Individual lesson plan built around your business
  • ACTIONcoach 17 week guarantee
  • Contact to see if you are qualified

Starts at $2000 per month

Individual topic training

Maybe you aren't sure about this whole model, maybe you cannot invest at this time, or maybe you are already a master of most of these topics and don't want the comprehensive course. Feel free to pick an individual module.

  • Pick any one module from our list of topics
  • Email correspondence
  • opportunity to buy in to the program at a discounted rate later

$300 per module