Founders U: A New Way to Learn

At founders U, we believe the best way to learn is through practical application that you actually profit from. This is done by using YOUR business as our case studies. When we talk about how to improve your business's leads, we dont read a textbook, we ACTUALLY IMPROVE YOUR LEADS... and show you how.

Topics Covered

Know Your Numbers

There is no point in trying to improve if you do not know your numbers. In the first week we will show you all the inside tricks to understanding your balance sheet, cashflow analysis, and profit and loss sheets. This isn't just boring excel work. Business is math, let us show you the secret formulas

Profit Margin

Business is more than just sales, it is cost mitigation. Our goal is to show you how to convert a larger percentage of sales into dollars in your pocket. In other words, we want to help you increase your profit margin without sacrificing long term growth

Lead Generation

Profit is great, but doesn't happen without customers. Let us help you develop your niche and a marketing plan that generates leads in a measurable way.

Conversion Rate

You don't want to pay for people to hear about your company, you want them to buy something! No more window shoppers, this is how you get real customers from marketing.

Repeat Business

Let us show you how to not only find customers, but the RIGHT customers who are already primed to buy your products again and again. No more horrible customers who you wish would just go elsewhere, we will show you how to fire bad customers (yep that is a thing) and how to create raving fans who do the marketing for you.

And So Much More!!

We cannot put everything you will learn here, but what you see is just a taste of the tools we can give you to dial your business up to the next level 

Learning Opportunities.


In-person learning enhances your experience. You will get real time responses to questions, practical knowledge through Didactic learning, and great networking opportunities with others on the same course as you.

Online and distance learning

For people who desire flexibility, FoundersU offers online learning opportunities that are self paced and practical to your business. Whether you choose to learn online or in person, flexibility is at the heart of our program.

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