Founders U: A Better way

This revolutionary MBA-Lite training program is designed to get business owners up and running at peak capacity in 8 months

An MBA-quality education without the classroom model. Join now to get a business education that is practical, not theoretical.

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Through this course, you will learn how to eliminate Chaos in your business, remove guess work from marketing, create raving fans, and so much more!

Utilizing a revolutionary education technique of using YOUR business as the case study, you will see the practical application of all the lessons and see IMMEDIATE results.

Founders U

Our 8 Month program Provides:

Understand your Numbers

Not just understanding the numbers, but understanding HOW to use them to get to your objectives.

Lead, Conversion, and Retention

Learn how to identify your ideal customer, attract them, and retain them going forward.

Implementing Systems

Learn how to build systems that do the work so you don't have to.

Build a Team

Learn how to leverage your learnings in a way to grow at a massive rate.

MBA Programs take years to obtain and $100,000

What if you could learn all the tips and tricks of running a business that normally takes 4 years and costs $100,000 in 8 months and less than a fifth of the price?

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In-Person or Online Learning Opportunities

Whether you wish to join in person and take advantage of the networking opportunity and face to face education system, or you would rather take the self paced online education route, do not miss out on this opportunity to grow!


Linda Krei has her MBA from the University of South Dakota, as well as undergraduate studies in Accounting and Finance. Linda has over twenty years as an executive in corporate America and can teach you everything you need to know about dealing with people in the workplace.

Carter Krei also has his MBA from USD, and has his undergraduate degrees in Human Resources and Psychology. Carter has five years experience in lean management/ process improvement work and has founded over 7 lean programs. If you need help with processes or making sense of a confusing workflow, Carter is the person to turn to.

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